In HAIRUI We Trust

This is my second time purchasing the light from this store. I like not only the romantic atmosphere it creates but also the overall quality of this product. Look these photos! So lovely, right? Although my battery was very low in the second picture, it still shines like stars. I always feel delighted to see it when I come back from school at night. Best light decoration I can imagine to improve mood. By the way, it is very romantic having dinner with loved-ones near the lighted branch.


Nice birch lighted garland with handmade painting on the front and back, not only tape wrapped as I bought before on the other store, birch finish covered looks more natural. Well packaged, I can’t wait to put the battery to light up, it’s flexible and I plan to use it for my party dinner. No matter on the table or fireplace, it’s calm for the living room. I gonna try another mossy garland for my garden.


Nice home decoration! The warm white led twig garland just like they described, I am a winter person, birch touch looks natural, very special artificial birch led in one. Great choice for centerpieces or mantel, flexible to shape so I can decorate home and garden only using batteries. My friends came to my home and everyone said WOW.  


Christmas is my favorite festival. After receiving this gorgeous tree light, I become even more excited. I put it near my bed and the light is just perfect. Not too bright, not too dim. It uses three AA batteries and they are accessible in grocery stores. Pretty convenient! It fills my room with Christmas atmosphere! Love it.


The moment I turned on the branch lights, I was deeply impressed. It is gorgeous. I positioned it near my mirror and they are perfect fit. Details of this product are excellent. I would recommend you to buy it if you want to improve the atmosphere of your house. Since I love this so much, I purchased another version from the same seller. Overall, it is worth it!